Short Term Rental

We provide 8 hours, 12 hours, Weekly, Monthly car rental services.
The benefits are:


  • Good Condition

Our cars are properly maintained and always ready to serve you.


  • Easy Access

Just Call 021 - 4500099 and you will be immediately on the way.


  • Competitive Rates

Short-term rental flexibility, with long term discounts.


  • Secured

All of our cars are covered by insurance.


  • Replacement Car

We deliver replacement car as soon as possible if anything goes wrong.


Long Term Car Rental

This service offers one to five years rental period for used cars or brand new cars, with or without driver.
The Benefits are:


  • Fixed Budget

No Fluctuation of car expense during the rental period.


  • Better Cash Flow

Fixed monthly expenses on operation for repair & maintenance, insurance, road tax, and others.


  • Tax Saving

Lower tax expenses as the car rental could be classified as an operational expenses.


  • Convenience

Experienced for ± 10 years in car rental service, we are prioritizing client convenience.


  • Service & Guarantee

Maintenance of our cars is supported by our own workshop & authorized workshop of each brand all over Indonesia. Home service and 24 hours emergency service are available in Jabodetabek.